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White water tumbling cascade

This Sunset tumbling white water feature nestles discreetly between the stairs and access ramp outside a New South Wales heritage listed Boilerhouse building that now houses the library of the University of Western Sydney (UWS).

Designed and built by Sunset Pools in conjunction with Gledhill Constructions, this low profile water feature harmonises discreetly with UWS Parramatta campuses’ surrounding heritage buildings by adopting and utilising common materials and sympathetic finishes.

As hydraulic consultants Sunset Pools achieved this pleasing white water effect by tumbling an accurately regulated flow of water over a 35 m long skewed formal patchwork of Bluestone slabs of various thicknesses. The cascade has an overall fall of just 1cm per metre (1-100), the water spills into river pebbles at the feature’s base before being recycled through the fountain’s five kilolitre balance tank, Waterco automatic sanitation and filtration system.

To discover why discerning local authorities choose Sunset Pools’ to add aesthetic value within heritage listed environments. Call 1300 000 412 or complete the enquiry form today. 

Sunset Pools’ are ideally equipped to successfully tackle NSW and local Government water feature tenders where a fine eye for detail, affinity with environmental preservation orders and close adhesion to occupational health and safety regulations is mandated.

Glistening Sunset waterfalls, naturalistic running creeks and splashing cascades effectively mask ambient background noise. This University’s sparkling new water feature sits comfortably within its environment adjacent to the University’s refectory and library, and has become a popular point for UWS students to congregate, socialise and relax between lectures.

Sunset’s diverse design and water feature construction capabilities have contributed to the company’s increasing popularity, and now form a significant component of Sunset Pools’ status within this specialised industry.

To understand why discerning local authorities, architects and town planners choose Sunset Pools’ to develop water features within both heritage and contemporary environments, call 1300 000 412 or complete the enquiry form today.

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