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Pool Safety: Sunset Pool’s Ten Commandments

Your Sunset Pool and Spa is the ideal venue and safe environment where you can get together socialise and relax with friends and family. When managed well it will provide good times, priceless memories and healthy recreation for many years to come.

Swimming Pools are not intrinsically dangerous, the accidents we hear reported in the news are nearly always attributable to humans. Your Sunset Pool will meet all building codes and pool safety legislation prior to hand over. Following completion responsibility for pool safety becomes the responsibility of the pool owner. There are some simple precautions every pool owner and user must implement to ensure neither you, your family or friends have an accident or emergency.

Sunset Pools recommends the following 10 pool safety commandments be strictly applied at all times:

  1. Familiarise children with water by taking them to swimming lessons with an accredited AUSTSWIM instructor. Many adults are also unable to swim, never take anyone’s competence in water for granted.
  2. Supervise children and non swimmers continually, never take your eyes off young ones when they are in or around your pool or spa. If you must leave the area, even for a moment, take the child with you.
  3. Ensure your pool or spa has compliant fencing and a childproof lock, and remember that a pool fence is never ever a substitute for appropriate adult supervision.
  4. Don‘t leave furniture or other items that children can climb on, accessible to or near your pool fence.
  5. Most domestic pools are too shallow for diving, depth signs should be displayed to alert pool users, plus place ‘No Diving’ signs prominently around your pool.
  6. Display a resuscitation chart on your pool fence so everyone will know what to do in an emergency. A chart is a guide only and never a substitute for resuscitation training.
  7. Take a First Aid course in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) CPR is a combination of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions that delivers oxygen and artificial blood circulation to a person who is in cardiac arrest. It can be life-saving. For information on CPR classes contact The Australian Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance, Royal Life Saving Society or The Heart Foundation.
  8. Neither drugs nor alcohol and swimming mix. Both will inflate you confidence and reduce you ability.
  9. Never put your head under water when in a spa.
  10. Finally employ some common sense around water, don’t run on wet surfaces, jump in near the steps, swim-out or other bathers. Don’t take fragile objects, glass, or pets into the water and remember to take adequate precautions to avoid sunburn.

Apply Sunset Pools’ Ten Commandments and enjoy your pool. For additional information contact Ben Thompson on 1300 000 412 or use the enquiries form.

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