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Your Sunset swimming pool is a lasting investment in your family’s lifestyle or your community’s leisure. Pool heating transforms this investment by significantly increasing your satisfaction, extending your enjoyment of the swimming season. With heated water, your new or refurbished pool and spa will offer warmth for extra hours each day and additional weeks every year.
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The Challenge of Optimal Temperature

Most individuals prefer their swimming pool temperature to be between 25 and 28°C. However, without pool heating, water temperatures in Sydney typically range between 18° and 22°C, even during summer when the overnight temperature drops below 22°. Pool blankets, even in sun-soaked positions, struggle to maintain warmth. Sunset Pools offers affordable heating options to ensure you make the most of your Sunset swimming pool investment.

Comprehensive Design and Heating Standards

Sunset Pools not only designs and builds pools to the highest standards but also ensures your pool is equipped with top-notch heating solutions. Call 1300 000 412 to discuss your aspirations or complete the enquiry form for personalised assistance.

Understanding Your Heating Options

Commercial and domestic pool heaters are available for indoor and outdoor pools and spas. Sunset Pools provides specialist and independent advice on the three main heating options: gas, electric, and solar, tailored to your specific needs.

Factors Influencing Your Choice

Considerations for the most suitable heating option include the system’s initial price, installation and connection to your water management system, desired control system, anticipated yearly usage, cost of ownership/operation, pool size, and location and orientation.

The Power of Solar Heating

Solar heating systems, known for their efficiency and low operating costs, can practically double your enjoyment of your Sunset Pool by extending the annual swimming season. Sunset Pools integrates solar arrays independently or in combination with a gas heater booster or electric heat pump for optimal outcomes.

On-Demand Gas Heating

Gas heating offers a quick solution to increase water temperature. While not the most economical option, it is efficient on-demand heating. When combined with a solar heating array, gas heating becomes particularly effective, providing flexibility to extend your swimming season.

Year-Round Comfort with Electric Pool Heating

For those desiring a year-round swimming season, electric pool heating, specifically heat pumps, is the recommended option. Expertly selected to match your pool’s volume, a heat pump maintains your Sunset pool and spa at the perfect temperature, offering energy-efficient heating year-round.

Adding Value with Pool Heating

The addition of pool heating allows you to maintain your preferred swimming temperature, extending your swimming season by many months and adding significant value to your Sunset pool and home. Sunset Pools ensures your pool heating option aligns perfectly with your family’s needs.

Optimise Your Sunset Pool Experience

Ask Sunset Pools about pool heating and how it will optimise your family’s fun, exercise, and therapeutic use of your new pool. Call 1300 000 412 or complete the enquiry form right now to explore the possibilities of extending your swimming season.