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The Architectural Elegance of Pools

The gentle reflection of light dancing on tranquil waters always complements exceptional architectural design. Swimming pools, when creatively integrated, bestow a natural fluid movement that harmonises seamlessly with both indoor and outdoor living spaces. They become one of the most influential finishing touches to any impressive leisure environment.
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What You Can Expect From Sunset Pools

Ready to make your dream pool a reality? Call Sunset Pools today at 1300 000 412. Your aspirations should not be compromised; complete the enquiry form to arrange your obligation-free design consultation. Ben Thompson, our Managing Director, is ready to provide practical assistance and expert information on everything you need to know:

Sunset Guarantee

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Pool Finishes

Personalize the look and feel of your pool.

Pool Safety

Ensure the highest safety standards for your peace of mind.

Spa Pools & Swim Spas

Luxurious additions for the ultimate relaxation experience.


State-of-the-art systems for crystal-clear water.


Enjoy your pool year-round with efficient heating solutions.


Quality craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.


Tips and plans for hassle-free pool ownership.

Landscaping & Pool Surrounds

Seamlessly integrate your pool into your outdoor space.

Home/Pool Automation

Smart solutions for convenience and control.


Protecting your investment.

Rust Treatment

Ensuring the longevity of your pool.

Sunset's Expertise in Non-Traditional Techniques

Sunset Pools is recognized for its proficiency in non-traditional pool forming techniques, allowing well-engineered structural pool components to serve as integral parts of your building’s load-bearing construction and adjacent landscape architecture. Sympathetic to architects’ visions, as well as developer and builder project management plans, Sunset’s designed swimming pools set off and reflect creative flair.

Innovative Design Concepts

Discover how the latest creative integration and pool building techniques will add value to your next project. Sunset’s experienced pool design engineers possess the rare ability to embrace the most innovative architectural concepts and enhance them with spectacularly successful bespoke pool, spa, and water feature designs.

Cantilevered Pool Excellence

An exemplary showcase of Sunset’s capabilities is the cantilevered wet-edged pool in Sydney. Collaborating closely with the home’s architects and engineers, Sunset designed and built a pool that extends beyond the cliff edge, creating a harmonious extension of the cliff-top home. The pool’s reinforced concrete shell is an integral component of the property’s structural design, showcasing the meticulous consideration given to placement, aesthetic relationships, and architectural finish.

Overcoming Design Challenges

Sunset Pools takes on challenging ideas effortlessly. In one instance, a Sydney pool was ingeniously fitted between the family room and the property boundary, creating both a practical nine-metre swimming pool and a shimmering water feature. Concertina doors seamlessly integrate the contemporary indoor entertainment area with the Sunset pool and garden, resulting in a stunning visual effect day and night.

Unseen Design Perfection

Sunset’s designers pay equal attention to the unseen aspects, focusing on meticulous construction engineering and the specification of the best building materials and harmonising finishes. The guarantee of the most appropriate water filtration, pool heating, and sanitation systems is an assurance when Sunset is on your design team.

Unrivalled Reputation and Commitment

Sunset Pools boasts an unrivalled reputation built on challenging and innovative pool projects. The company’s 10-year guarantee reflects their unwavering commitment to conceive and create exceptional swimming pools and spas, engineered, built, and finished to exceed Australian pool construction standards.

Realise Your Liquid Aspirations

To transform your liquid aspirations into reality, call Sunset Pools. Discuss how the latest pool building techniques can add value to your next project. Dial 1300 000 412 or complete the enquiry form now to explore the possibilities of elevating your commercial pool project.