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Ben Thompson is the founder of Sunset Pools and at the core of a new generation of Australian pool design and construction specialists who have rejected outdated design and construction ideas. Ben favours creating one-off special designs and more adventurous pool concepts that form bespoke assets to their lucky owners’ leisure environment and lifestyle.

Ben repeatedly illustrates how in the hands of a creative pool designer reinforced concrete has virtually limitless possibilities. Results that have earned Sunset Pools many fans and a well deserved reputation in addition to a stream of local and national swimming pool design, construction and renovation awards. Ben appreciates that reinforced concrete can be fashioned to create swimming pools and spas that reflect his client’s individuality, formed to complement their lifestyle, and finished to harmonise with their environment. In light of this versatility, Ben laments that it is difficult to understand why so many concrete pool construction contractors simply carry on offering the same half dozen basic pool shapes year after year.

As a multi award winning builder at the top of his trade, Ben is established as Sydney’s pool, spa and water feature specialist of choice for discerning residents, astute strata managers, local authorities, resorts and prestigious international hotels where accurate estimating, sound administration and safe work practices are mandatory.

As important as a new pool’s aesthetic and high quality finish are the design solutions you can’t actually see. Less evident but just as critical is Ben’s meticulous attention to each project’s structural and hydraulic engineering and choice of building materials.

As a consequence of Ben’s long term fascination with creating the industry’s most effective pool and spa hydraulics, his informed selection of filtration, sanitation and environmentally sensitive heating technologies means that Sunset Pool owners’ can also look forward to the long term benefits of selecting a Sunset pool and spa.

By adopting and adapting commercial grade water filtration, heating and sanitation systems Ben’s hydraulic solutions have established an unsurpassed “Sunset standard” for pool and spa water management efficiency, monitoring and control. Attributes that Ben bestows on the swimming pool renovation projects his company undertakes as well as the new builds.

You will discover that Ben Thompson enjoys nothing more than collaborating with visionary individuals who can appreciate the added value his innovative approach can realise. Working with discerning Sydney home owners, their architects, engineers and builders Ben creates innovative and practical leisure solutions. Ben always remains directly involved throughout every stage of construction, project managing each aspect and trade to ensure uncompromised high-end results that literally reflect their proud owner’s sense of style.